Zombie Testing

22 04 2012

Incorporating diabetes management into my life is basically second nature because I’ve had it for 16 years. Recently I have been experiencing what I like to call “zombie testing”. In most cases, I’ll test my blood sugar and clean up without even looking at the number on my meter. Sometimes I look at it, but since my brain is so accustomed to staring at that little screen that I don’t truly read it and make a mental note of it. My mom will ask me what my blood sugar is to which I’ll reply “uhhhh, I don’t know” which seems like the classic rookie mistake when it comes to lying about your blood sugars. Honestly it is because I have entered the state of zombie testing. There’s no other way of describing it.

I mean, usually I’ll notice the number if I’m low because I’ll have to treat it and I probably tested in the first place because I felt symptoms. But if I’m just testing before a meal, sometimes it doesn’t matter what my number is because if it’s in target, it’s in target and if it’s high, my pump will take care of it for me when I bolus for my food.

Sometimes, my state of zombie testing gets so intense that I actually test a second time because I have no recollection of testing the first time. I will then get very confused by the déjà vu feeling of already testing before and getting the same result. Then I’ll just facepalm at my stupidity.

I’m lucky to have a OneTouch Ultra Link meter which sends my blood sugar readings straight to my Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm pump (which I can’t link to because it is outdated) using some form of witchcraft. Maybe someday diabetes management will get even more mindless. Maybe I’ll never have to consciously test my blood sugar because I’ll have a device that accurately does it for me. Maybe I’ll never have to correct highs or lows myself again because I’ll have a device that administers insulin and glucose automatically. Food for thought.




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10 05 2012

Yes this seems to happen to me alot. at least once a week.
I remember reading an article about research for a tattoo that would change color based on you Blood sugar levels. the tattoo would be used with a CGM device that reads the color of the tattoo and displays the number. (reminds me of those color changing test strips I used to use that you had to wipe off and stick in the machine)

15 05 2012
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[…] story short, site changes are now something I can do totally fine. It’s not as natural and mindless as testing my blood sugar, but the whole process has gotten a lot smoother. Injecting needles into […]

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