Morning Highs

1 05 2012

Waking up in the morning with a high blood sugar is the absolute worst. It depletes you of all energy and gives you a feeling of nausea that doesn’t seem to go away.

It’s much, much worse than a high in the middle of the day because it becomes a small roadblock in the middle of a busy day that can be easily treated with insulin.

When you wake up high, it’s a completely different story. Your tired body simply can’t function with what little energy you have. Getting out of bed seems as difficult a task as running a marathon.

Some days, you just need to tell yourself that it’s ok to take a sick day. You need to refrain from beating yourself up over it and go back to sleep.

I feel like diabetics constantly try to prove to the world and themselves that they can do anything at any time. We try to act invincible and we don’t want anyone to think we’re sick.

The fact of the matter is, we are sick. We’re not weak, we’re diseased. No matter how fantastic we are at managing our disease, we can’t ignore it. Sometimes, we’re gonna be high in the morning. Sometimes, we aren’t going to have any energy. Sometimes we just have to stay home.

It’s not a weakness, it’s acceptance. Tomorrow is a new day. Take a breath and don’t worry about it.




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