Diabetes Blog Week: Day 2 ~ One Great Thing

15 05 2012

One of the issues with being diagnosed before I could formulate full sentences is that I had never been taught how to manage my D. My parents and other family members were taught instead. Throughout life, I gradually learned how to do things on my own. It worked out pretty swell for the most part, except for site changes. I went on the pump when I was 8 years old. It was a new thing for everyone and giving myself injections just didn’t seem appealing to an 8 year old. When I was around 14 or so, I realized that my mom won’t be able to do my site changes forever. If I rely on my mom for site changes, I can never be independent.

Long story short, site changes are now something I can do totally fine. It’s not as natural and mindless as testing my blood sugar, but the whole process has gotten a lot smoother. Injecting needles into myself using a device that resembles an ear-piercing gun every three days is not as appealing as it sounds, but hey, at least I’ve made progress. As much as it is undesirable, it’s possible. I can do it.

So that’s my one great thing. It’s not what I’m best at. It’s not the biggest thing in the scheme of things. But it is a large hurdle I have fully gotten over. I find that pretty great.


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