Diabetes Blog Week: Day 3 ~ One Thing To Improve

16 05 2012

Ok, here we go. Time for something cliche. You’ve been thoroughly warned.

My diabetes management is far from perfect. In  fact, I wing it most of the time. It’s really the only way you can deal with all the unpredictability. I do a pretty decent job at managing my diabetes, so that’s not my concern. Yes, I can always to better, but it’s not my main concern. I officially survived puberty with D, so it can only go up from here. My A1C has been a consistent 7.1 for an entire year, so that’s not what I’m worrying about.  There’s always small things to improve. Yes, I should test more often. Yes, I have it in me to bring my A1C down to a 6. But I do have a life and I don’t intend on wasting it trying to be a “perfect” diabetic.

The one thing I need to improve on is my attitude. I need to stop cursing in the air and just deal with it. It’s apart of me and it’s apart of my life. I can’t keep running from my own shadow, because I’ll only end up exhausted and unsuccessful. I need to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones or, rather, block out negative thoughts by consuming myself with positive thoughts that are not D-related at all. There is a side effect to that. If I stop focusing on the negatives, I could be in denial and then my D-management will go out of control which won’t be good at all. It’s a tricky balance of caring too much vs. caring too little about diabetes. The ideal way to make this improvement is to eliminate thoughts and feelings towards D and just put forth actions. I shouldn’t have to think about D at all in my day-to-day life. I should just act.

Why else would I have a blog? 😉 I need to teach myself that if I’m stressed out about diabetes, I should just take a deep breath and blog about it later.

Sidenote: I have Advanced Placement Micro and Macro Economic exams tomorrow from 7 am to 4 pm (yikes!) I am very scatter-brained at the moment, so this post is not eloquently written or proofread whatsoever. So sorry. My upcoming DBlog Week posts will be better. 


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