Diabetes Blog Week: Day 4 ~ Fantasy Diabetes Device

17 05 2012

Ok, this really isn’t a “fantasy” device because it is in the making, I suppose, but I would like to be bionic. However, I would not like to have my bionic organs on the outside. I’d like an “artificial pancreas” that is implanted into our bodies through some sort of surgical process.

This bionic organ will be able to detect the food we consume as it enters our mouths, exercise patterns, changes in mood, etc. Basically anything that affects blood sugar will be detected by the sensors in this bionic pancreas and taken care of via insulin and glucose.

Diabetes will no longer be on us. We would no longer have to “manage” our disease. Our A1C’s will be perfect and we won’t be held responsible for being in poor health. We will just be living with the disease instead of trying to control it ourselves. The bionic pancreas will be flawless and it will adjust to work with the body of the individual that it is in.

Some minor side effects reported include mind control.


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