Weird Places to Find Strips

10 05 2012

Stuck inside the car window switch?

This one might take the cake.


This. Is. Sparta.

8 05 2012

Last night my blood sugar went from 371 mg/dL to 71 mg/dL in exactly 2 hours.

So basically my blood sugar dropped 300 mg/dL in 2 hours.

300 mg/dL and my high/low blood sugar rage?

This. Is. Sparta.

Diabetes in a C&H Comic

6 05 2012

He forgot the insulin…

Diabetic Chain Gang

4 05 2012

Like this except less business-like

Ok, here’s the prequel. On Wednesday, I had a consistent 380 mg/dl to 388 mg/dl blood sugar for a solid two hours at school so I came to the conclusion that my pump site had failed. During study hall, I called my mom to ask her to pick me up so I could change my site. Due to school policy, you can’t exactly leave until you’ve gone to the nurse’s office and they determine you can go home. I exited the cafeteria, where seniors go for study hall, in stealth mode, and made my way to the nurse’s office. I told them what was going on and they said I could sit on a chair while I wait for my mom.

Moments later, the only other diabetic student at my high school stumbles into the room and crashes onto the seat next to me. A teacher who had accompanied him said “I caught this one in the hall,” to which he replied, “I was stumbling around like a drunk person“. I giggled because I know the  feeling.

While the nurse was getting him some juice, he turned to me and said, “63, you?”
I replied, “388. Site failure.”
“Do you have the tingly feeling in your legs?”
“So you’re getting scooped up?”
“Maybe I should rip my site out so I can go home.”
“I think school will be over by the time you go high enough.”

He chugs the juice and we chat about site preferences while his blood sugar goes up.
“C’mon 64, c’mon 64.”
It was 60.

A little bit later, he’s 72 so we part ways.

Eventually my mom shows up and as I’m getting in the car, I’m still laughing to myself.

Anyone else notice how hard it is to open these?

25 04 2012

Zombie Testing

22 04 2012

Incorporating diabetes management into my life is basically second nature because I’ve had it for 16 years. Recently I have been experiencing what I like to call “zombie testing”. In most cases, I’ll test my blood sugar and clean up without even looking at the number on my meter. Sometimes I look at it, but since my brain is so accustomed to staring at that little screen that I don’t truly read it and make a mental note of it. My mom will ask me what my blood sugar is to which I’ll reply “uhhhh, I don’t know” which seems like the classic rookie mistake when it comes to lying about your blood sugars. Honestly it is because I have entered the state of zombie testing. There’s no other way of describing it.

I mean, usually I’ll notice the number if I’m low because I’ll have to treat it and I probably tested in the first place because I felt symptoms. But if I’m just testing before a meal, sometimes it doesn’t matter what my number is because if it’s in target, it’s in target and if it’s high, my pump will take care of it for me when I bolus for my food.

Sometimes, my state of zombie testing gets so intense that I actually test a second time because I have no recollection of testing the first time. I will then get very confused by the déjà vu feeling of already testing before and getting the same result. Then I’ll just facepalm at my stupidity.

I’m lucky to have a OneTouch Ultra Link meter which sends my blood sugar readings straight to my Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm pump (which I can’t link to because it is outdated) using some form of witchcraft. Maybe someday diabetes management will get even more mindless. Maybe I’ll never have to consciously test my blood sugar because I’ll have a device that accurately does it for me. Maybe I’ll never have to correct highs or lows myself again because I’ll have a device that administers insulin and glucose automatically. Food for thought.

Shit People Say to Diabetics

22 04 2012

This isn’t all that new but it pretty much sums it up. Credit to (x).